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    I started out as an announcer, then a newspaper reporter, then a magazine writer and author. Then I took a shot at ‘having it all’, the modern superwoman’s juggling act where having it all meant doing it all! Finally, I achieved work life balance, just on time for Grumpy Cat and the Internet to kill off newspapers and writing jobs left and right. The kids didn't need me any more. So I was finally free to pursue a full-time career without being Superwoman.


    I applied for jobs that sought: "self-starters that could work without close supervision. Good communication skills a must." I discovered the only thing that mattered was, whether I'd punched a clock, year after year. Not content to 'Go Gentle into That Good Night', (apologies to Dylan Thomas), I decided to do what I really wanted. I would turn the mental clock back to age 22, and live for the moment. So I stepped out onto the stage and started performing stand-up comedy.


    In my show, Empty Nest Syndrome, I skewer all the stereotypes around being a woman 'of a certain age'. The show is an iconoclastic look at modern womanhood, inter-racial marriage, and family life.

  • Comedy Shows

    Living life as a perpetual 22-year-old

    I love performing for diverse audiences and for good causes. Here's a good sized clip of my performance at the Halifax Pride Festival Comedy Show, in 2014

    Having a ball at the Atlantica Hotel, Halifax Pride

    This was a show put on by the incomparable Eureka Love.

    A poster from my show at the 25th Atlantic Fringe Festival

    What is Fringe? Fringe Festivals feature material that is experimental in style or subject matter. To read more about the origins and culture of Fringe, click https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fringe_theatre

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    A Comedic Anti-Romance about Toxic Narcissists!

    The Contingency Man


    Matt is a slovenly Adonis and unrepentant moocher. After trading on his good looks and charm for twenty-nine years, he has bombed out of university yet again. When his father decides to cut him off financially, he turns to odd jobs and dog walking to keep up with his satellite television payments and beer expenses. Enter next-door neighbor Jillian, whose greatest talent is spending other people's money. She has pursues stardom over a series of middling acting jobs stretched over fifteen years.
    A dawning realization that her acting won't pan out compels Jillian to direct her quest for fame and wealth elsewhere. When an accident involving Matt's incorrigible dog, a drop sheet and a couple of cans of paint suddenly makes Matt the new darling of the art world, our antihero discovers the fun and hazards of thoroughly unearned, overnight success. Now everyone is looking to the Contingency Man to solve their problems.

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